Porn star Ron Jeremy is being sued for sexual assault and battery in Washington State. He is accused of nonconsensually groping and digitally penetrating a woman hired as a model during a radio station’s promotional event in 2017. The woman, identified as K.B. in court filings, says she “agreed to let” 65-year-old Jeremy sign her breasts, according to TMZ, but alleges that he sexually assaulted her instead.

The allegations first arose last fall when K.B. went public with her story—but earlier this year, the Tacoma City Attorney’s Office declined to file charges. Now she is taking the case to civil court. Jeremy has denied the allegations.

K.B. says that that during the radio event she agreed to let Jeremy, who has worked in the adult business for four decades and is considered an industry legend, sign her breast. She claims that he “reached under her bra and ‘violently groped’ her breast,” according to TMZ. K.B. also alleges that he “squeezed her butt during a selfie, sucked on the back of her neck and pushed his finger inside her through her underwear, allegedly asking, ‘Did that give you goosebumps?’” TMZ reports:

K.B. also says Jeremy’s handler tried stepping in to stop him, adding Jeremy allegedly replied with, “I’ll be done in a sec.” She says the final assault occurred as she tried leaving, when Jeremy allegedly pulled down her shirt again and sucked on her exposed nipple.

This is far from the first time Jeremy has been accused of sexual misconduct. In 2007, a woman filed a police report alleging that Jeremy had grabbed her breast without consent during a signing at a porn convention. In the 2017 memoir Watching Porn, journalist Lynsey G. wrote that Jeremy grabbed her breast and kissed her without consent during a signing at an adult convention. Similar allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced on Twitter. Porn performers Jay Taylor and Danica Dane have also publicly accused him of nonconsensually digitally penetrating them at adult industry conventions.

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