Before starting porn, I’d had sex with about 30-35 people (which I’ve been told is not a lot considering my age).

Most of the people I’ve had sex with had penises and a lot of those penises had problems lasting very long in my vagina before ejaculating. I just assumed that I’d had bad luck and had been choosing poorly. I forgave all of those dudes in my past after I’d been shooting professional porn for a few months.

Three male talents have popped early during our scenes together. I know that everyone has their off days, but I seem to get lucky with catching them. One was a seasoned professional who said that it hadn’t happened to him in 5 years (he became enamoured with my holes, but that’s not a story for this confession). The second time it happened, the talent (impressively) regained his composure within a few minutes. However, as soon as I started riding him again, he had to tell me to get off his dick so he could hold back his orgasm.

Luckily, we finished the scene and it turned out great. The third time, I felt bad because the director had to rebook the entire shoot for another day! I’m not making any claims about my pussy; it’s not magical. I mean, I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Right?
XOXOXO Saya Song

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